Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paint Table Saturday (on Sunday)

Another late edition. This week saw the release of Codex: Astra Militarum. I'm working on not-quite-Creed, as well as a Tempestus Scions command unit.

Here they are, along with the pieces of not-quite-Creed, and the completed Contemptor weapon upgrades. More on these soon.



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Quite Creed

First things first, here is an obligatory shot of the Tempestus Scions sprues. There are so many extra bits in this kit, it is amazing. There are 17 different heads. I really bought the kit for the stormcoat, everything else is gravy.

This is my first attempt at producing a substitute model for Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed. I've been using Creed as my army commander since the 2009 codex was released. His command bubble combined with his special rules make him a no brainer for infantry heavy forces in my opinion. I hope he persists through the latest iteration of the Imperial Army. In early 2012, I attempted to give a stock figure from the Cadian command squad box a stormcoat fashioned from a sniper camo cloak and greenstuff. The sculpt worked out alright at first, but as I got closer to completion I started questioning my confidence in the process and it ground to a halt. I've been playing with a half done Creed model ever since.

Fast forward to mid March 2014, and the pictures of the Tempestus Scions started circulating on the interwebs. When I saw the model with the stormcoat, I was dubiously optimistic that the coat would be a separate set of bits... and it was.

With the careful application of a #11 blade and a file, I was able to use the same style of torso for my not-quite-Creed conversion. I used the arm sockets on both the Scions torso and the Cadian torso as a guideline of where to remove material. In keeping with the overall theme of my blog, I have neglected to take photos of the process. At this point I think I might need to post a reminder on my wall. Already looking more sharpish than my attempt. 

A bit more of careful snipping, pinning, and gluing, a Cadian Sergeant's laspistol was fitted to the hand under the coat. The standing legs needed the blouse trimmed in the seat to fit under the coat. For the left arm I chose the command baton. I figure that with Creed being Creed, he would have access to some pretty cool stuff. Finally, for a head I chose the peaked cap head from the Cadian Command sprue.

I've got all three pieces of not-quite-Creed ready for paint at this point. He takes his place next to the nearly finished weapon upgrades for my Contemptor...

...of which the Kheres pattern assault cannon is complete!



Saturday, April 5, 2014

Paint Table Saturday no. 8

It is time for the eighth installment of Paint Table Saturday.

I had a busy week, as you can see. I got this AdMech Marine finished, as well as the assembly and beginning the painting of the Contemptor's weapon upgrades.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Contemptor Up Armed

I got myself some Contemptor upgrades recently, in the form of an assault cannon, a heavy conversion beamer, and a plasma cannon. The HCB has some fiddly bits, but the assembly will be fairly straight forward. The plasma cannon is one piece, so no problems there. The assault cannon, though, was another story. There were six pieces: The muzzle clamp, three barrel pieces, the gun housing, and the piece that runs underneath the gun. I needed ten pins in these six pieces to get it together in a fashion that I was comfortable would not fail under the rigours of travel and gaming. I wish I stopped to take a picture, but the glue was set before it crossed my mind.

Both the close combat arm and multi melta arm are magnetized, but they are oriented in such a way that the pieces aren't interchangeable. The solution? More magnets and some pins to boot.

With a little force the multi melta was slipped from it's elbow joint. The tab which slots into the elbow joint will be used as the attach point. The one from the multi melta will serve well for the right arm. A second elbow tab was prepared with magnets for the left arm.

All of the heavy weapons for the Contemptor have the same style 'hub' where the elbow tabs slot home. I drilled holes in the center of each hub, one side at a time. Once the holes were done, I slotted the tabs into the heavy weapons and drilled through their centers. Using pins prepared pins from floral wire, the heavy weapons will be secured to the attach points drilled through both the hubs and tabs.

With these simple modifications, my Contemptor can field any combination of weapons I have in my armoury.

The final upgrade this model received was a new waist pin. The old one was largely serviceable still, but the thin wire was harder to get in place, and prone to bend. The new pin is brass rod.

I look forward in testing some of the new arsenal on the table sometime soon.



Saturday, March 29, 2014

Paint Table Saturday no. 7

Welcome to another week's look at my paint table.

This week saw a burst of activity with me getting another squad of ten Henchmen painted up. I still need to complete their bases, but as mentioned before, that is a whole different story.

I started work on this conversion about a year ago. He has been pretty much done, and I am painting him up in hopes of winning a signed hardbound copy of the forthcoming Vengeful Spirit Horus Heresy novel. Fingers crossed, eh?



Thursday, March 27, 2014

On Basing and Patience

One of the things I want to achieve with my 'counts as' Mechanicus force is to successfully create and replicate a series of bases that will help visually tie the force together. In pursuit of this goal I created what I considered at the time as a 'master' set of bases. Don't they look great?

No, they don't.

I was in such a rush as I created these bases... what does haste make? Waste, exactly. While these bases look fine on the game table, they are unfit for use as masters as they stood... which didn't stop me from rushing ahead and making three moulds.

Looking great! Ready to watch me waste money?

When I pulled the cured moulds from the mould boxes, problems were immediately evident. The plasticard layers on the bases were slightly uneven on the edges. There was also a very small gap between the layers. This problem is only one that was presented to me. These defects resulted in the silicone tearing in some places and odd flash in others. The lines of rivets were off center and the spacing wasn't ideal; some were sitting too low to be picked up. I took a fresh #11 blade to the moulds to clear out some of the flash, and clean up edges. I don't recommend this to anyone, at this point I had decided that these moulds were a bust. You can easily over cut the soft silicone and damage an otherwise intact piece.

I did get some bases from the whole mess. Every single one of them will need defects repaired. On the whole this was learning experience (again). I want to take some of the best casts from this run and rework them into a set of viable masters and pour again. I have the silicone I need, now I just need to rework these bases. I can also cut up the bad moulds and use them as filler for the new moulds.

The thing about this mess that pisses me off the most is the fact that I had to use Green Stuff and Liquid Green Stuff in the process of 'finishing' the masters. If I had taken the time to apply LGS to the edges of each base and then file it smooth, half of the problems I experienced would have been avoided. Instead I rushed, and now will have to spend even more time in pursuit of a truly finished product.



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More Henchmen Complete

I had a burst of motivation seeing the first squad of henchmen finished, and over the past couple days I finished up the second squad.
The squad is lead by Lt. 'Rocky'. I figured the powerfist was appropriate here. This squad is armed with Mad Robot Miniatures Luminous CQ battle rifles and focused heat guns.

Here are all 20 henchmen. In continuing henchmen news, Lt. Diehard lost his head due to a tragic fall from my desk... and I do think that my cat snaked the head and ran off. I replaced it with a gas mask and cap head from Unfortunately I can't find the head on their site at this time. The head had a cross shaped depression in the top that I filled in with liquid green stuff and super glue.

I hope to have better shots of these guys soon.