Friday, January 16, 2015

Terrain: Pallets and an Objective Marker

Welcome to 2015.

In late 2012 I ended up throwing together a pallet or two out of craft sticks. While serviceable enough looking, I never ended up using either of them due to an overall feel of something lacking. Every now and again I'd kick around the idea of pallets again, and set it aside. This time when I started thinking about it again, I had a breakthrough. I could use matches along with the craft sticks to get the look I wanted.

There is my original pallet, along with my tools for creating new ones. I used 1 5/8" as the length, and trimmed out 70 sections of craft stick and 30 of match stick to give me the materials for 10 pallets.

A stack of new and improved pallets and a guardsman for scale. The second picture is a 20oz bottle on top of the 10 pallets keeping them mostly in shape as the glue set.

This objective marker uses one of my new pallets as a dump for some engineering gear. These are some parts to effect repairs to a trench section that were placed and then not used maybe. This little hardboard base is the big reason for me to keep considering pallets. I wanted to do a little piece like this, but my old pallet design looked so off when I would mock things up. As soon as I got my first revised pallet done, I saw this piece come together in my mind's eye.

This year feels like terrain so far. Stay tuned to see what it brings.



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays

Here's hoping everyone has a happy and safe holiday this year. 

See you lot next year, with hobby content! (maybe)



Monday, December 15, 2014

Tis the Season!

Last year my coworker and I were playing Terraria a bit and he told me about Starbound. At that point it was very much in beta. A year later and it is still in beta, but the first major update in quite some time is coming. Here is the official trailer for the Winter Update.

We're that much closer to 1.0 :)



p.s. I'm bad at doing hobby stuff when the days are short. Sorry.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Heard of this BTC thing?

I found this on Reddit and it cracked me up. Even more funny is the fact that WU is using bogus DCMA notices to have the content removed from social media sites. Problem, WU? This type of image is legal since it's comparative advertising.

If you haven't bought some BTC hype yet, you ought to look into it. Good things are coming, people.



p.s. hobby content coming soon I promise.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Techmarine Command Squad 001

In March I painted up this guy for the painting contest over on /r/warhammer40k.

He counts as a Librarian with that big ass axe of his. I decided when I was organizing models and bits into potential units back when I updated my overall Drax-agram that he needed a command squad. Now that I have a (sort of) regular game to join in, I'm actually getting it put together.

A couple years ago and in anticipation of this project I bought a few sets of bionics from here and there. I ended up with four legs that I couldn't help but try in the above configuration. I seem to recall a Skitarii commander from one Black Library novel or another with four legs and a battle axe. With that in mind I set out to build my company champion.
Early configuration of legs
The torso on the hips made for too squat a profile, so I added a 'spine'
This arm proved impractical for the pose I wanted, and has been replaced
The Company Champion is well on his way now. He will be equipped with a power weapon and combat shield. As intended, he is a bit taller then the other lads.

Apothecary's power pack
The Apothecary will have the standard gear, of course, and I used another of the bits purchased a bit back to add a servo arm and a couple of mechandrites.

My Standard Bearer is an old white metal Techmarine. His bolt pistol has been swapped out for a storm botler and the banner is the mechanicus sigil with a couple bits from the Rhino kit added on. The sigil is from a CoD panel originally.

Here is the  assembled command squad. Most of them still need power packs and servo arms, but by the time I get to publishing this post I will probably have started on those. Hell, at the rate I post these might even be painted by then.

So here is were overall the army sits. I have the bits to move forward on the Devastators. Once their done I need to decide how I want to represent all those servitors.