Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Contemptor Up Armed

I got myself some Contemptor upgrades recently, in the form of an assault cannon, a heavy conversion beamer, and a plasma cannon. The HCB has some fiddly bits, but the assembly will be fairly straight forward. The plasma cannon is one piece, so no problems there. The assault cannon, though, was another story. There were six pieces: The muzzle clamp, three barrel pieces, the gun housing, and the piece that runs underneath the gun. I needed ten pins in these six pieces to get it together in a fashion that I was comfortable would not fail under the rigours of travel and gaming. I wish I stopped to take a picture, but the glue was set before it crossed my mind.

Both the close combat arm and multi melta arm are magnetized, but they are oriented in such a way that the pieces aren't interchangeable. The solution? More magnets and some pins to boot.

With a little force the multi melta was slipped from it's elbow joint. The tab which slots into the elbow joint will be used as the attach point. The one from the multi melta will serve well for the right arm. A second elbow tab was prepared with magnets for the left arm.

All of the heavy weapons for the Contemptor have the same style 'hub' where the elbow tabs slot home. I drilled holes in the center of each hub, one side at a time. Once the holes were done, I slotted the tabs into the heavy weapons and drilled through their centers. Using pins prepared pins from floral wire, the heavy weapons will be secured to the attach points drilled through both the hubs and tabs.

With these simple modifications, my Contemptor can field any combination of weapons I have in my armoury.

The final upgrade this model received was a new waist pin. The old one was largely serviceable still, but the thin wire was harder to get in place, and prone to bend. The new pin is brass rod.

I look forward in testing some of the new arsenal on the table sometime soon.




  1. NIce! The Kheres assault cannon is definitely a pain to assemble, really struggled with mine. Looks great - definitely dig all the magnetized options!

    1. Thanks a lot! It was some work to complete, but totally worth it.