Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Quite Creed

First things first, here is an obligatory shot of the Tempestus Scions sprues. There are so many extra bits in this kit, it is amazing. There are 17 different heads. I really bought the kit for the stormcoat, everything else is gravy.

This is my first attempt at producing a substitute model for Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed. I've been using Creed as my army commander since the 2009 codex was released. His command bubble combined with his special rules make him a no brainer for infantry heavy forces in my opinion. I hope he persists through the latest iteration of the Imperial Army. In early 2012, I attempted to give a stock figure from the Cadian command squad box a stormcoat fashioned from a sniper camo cloak and greenstuff. The sculpt worked out alright at first, but as I got closer to completion I started questioning my confidence in the process and it ground to a halt. I've been playing with a half done Creed model ever since.

Fast forward to mid March 2014, and the pictures of the Tempestus Scions started circulating on the interwebs. When I saw the model with the stormcoat, I was dubiously optimistic that the coat would be a separate set of bits... and it was.

With the careful application of a #11 blade and a file, I was able to use the same style of torso for my not-quite-Creed conversion. I used the arm sockets on both the Scions torso and the Cadian torso as a guideline of where to remove material. In keeping with the overall theme of my blog, I have neglected to take photos of the process. At this point I think I might need to post a reminder on my wall. Already looking more sharpish than my attempt. 

A bit more of careful snipping, pinning, and gluing, a Cadian Sergeant's laspistol was fitted to the hand under the coat. The standing legs needed the blouse trimmed in the seat to fit under the coat. For the left arm I chose the command baton. I figure that with Creed being Creed, he would have access to some pretty cool stuff. Finally, for a head I chose the peaked cap head from the Cadian Command sprue.

I've got all three pieces of not-quite-Creed ready for paint at this point. He takes his place next to the nearly finished weapon upgrades for my Contemptor...

...of which the Kheres pattern assault cannon is complete!



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