Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tempestus Scions

I do indeed love me some Guard. These Tempestus Scions models have been fun to assemble and customize. I plan to use the contents of this box to create a platoon command unit. I figure the fancier armour featured in the new box will do fine for this purpose, since it creates a clear visual distinction from my existing models.

Being unable to decide which weapon options to equip the Sergeant with, I opted to use magnets and take advantage of all the extra components in the kit.

On the torso of the model, I used a scribe to mark the place for the magnet, then drilled it out with my pin vice. For the arms I first mark the point where I want the magnet with a scribe, then drill the hole, and finally seat the magnet. I make sure that the poles are correctly aligned by placing the arm magnet on the chest plate magnet, then pressing the corresponding arm into place over the magnet.

This conversion didn't take much time at all, and now I can tailor the Sergeant's equipment load to the circumstance. This figure will be the commander of my Tempestus Scions platoon. The rest of the squad will be equipped with the standard hot shot lasguns. I will use them as they are or count them as the hot shot volley gun.

Here is the Sergeant with his powerfist and las pistol. I still have some work to do on him, mostly armour straps and buckles.

Here are the other four members of the platoon command. The picture of the lasguns shows the hazard stripes on the power cables. None of my existing hot shot lasguns have the power cables; this will also help distinguish them from my existing Scions squads when I count them as volley guns.

I plan to get the rest of this unit painted up quickly so I can get it into action. I'll have to do a post outlining my force under the new list soon.




  1. Nice guys. I personally love the kit, I have made up about 20 of the new scions and they look great and were pretty easy to modify.

    If you are planning on running scions as your main force, I def recommend the Taurox, I have had good results with the standard with cannon and acs and the missile variants.

    1. Thanks for the recommend. I do indeed want to add a Taurox of three, but I'm not keen on the model itself. I am thinking of a LAV 600 type vehicle to replace it.

  2. There are already some wheel kits for the taurox. It looks much nicer in person, and with wheels, it looks fantastic. That is one of the big problems when we take close up shots of models. It doesn't really show how they look on the actual tabletop!

    The model is really small, and easy to hide behind terrain. It's surviability is much higher because of that.

    Btw really like your method for painting the weapons. Going to loot that :).

    1. Indeed, I've seen a few different options for the Taurox. It isn't the tracks that put me off of the model, it is the overall look.

      I'll do a blurb about my paint kebabs soon :D