Monday, May 5, 2014

Army Progress

Its that time again.
Here is my army's current Drax-agram...
...and my Drax-agram from 2012. A little different, eh?

Right off I see there are a whole lot more models on the chart this time around. In 2012 I had something like just under 100 wounds to field. This year sees the total up around 200. In 2012 there was nothing but Imperial Guard on my roster. 2014 sees the forces of the Inquisition and the Adeptus Astartes added to the progress chart. I have a strong core of Space Marines as my 'counts as' Mechanicus force, and the Inquisition is modeled in the same vein.

Where does all this leave me? With a better handle on what needs to be done going forward, overall. Having a visualization of what comes next will also help me stay on task with the projects the army calls for.



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