Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tempestus Scions Completed

Last week I had mostly finished up the Tempestus Scions platoon command squad, except for the bases. Today I finally got those done, too, and the models attached.

I cast three bases, and then built up the other two I needed from blanks I had. Using sand, brick bits, cork, and corrugated card I was able to quickly craft a pair of unique bases for this squad that still fit the basing theme of my army on the whole.

Once they were painted, I assigned figures to the completed bases and set about attaching them. I carefully removed the Scions from their painting bases, one at a time. I set the model on the base in the best position offered by the base. I drilled all the pin holes in the bases by eye, then held the model in place and marked the bottom of the boot with a dress makers pin. Once marked, I used my pin vice to drill the holes in the boots. It seems like a bit of work, but as usual in my opinion it is worth the end result.

Completed Squad
The sergeant's arms are magnetized to allow more options in list building
Have I mentioned how much I like these models? They really strike a balance in paying homage to the original Stormtroopers and their replacements (which are some of my favorite models in 40k). I think I'll be picking up more boxes of Scions in the future.

Speaking of the future for my Scions, I have found the vehicle to replace the Taurox for me:
I found this bad boy over on Admiral Drax's blog. If you haven't been before, I suggest giving him a look. He runs an awesome IG blog, complete with the original Wyvern conversion (completely serious) and the painting chart.

Cheers til next time,