Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Abhuman Technoheresy: Reinforcements Arrive

Got some reinforcements for the heretical tribesmen... and a couple of the actors who helped implement the augmentations to the 'Mek.'

First up are 20 minis fresh from Mad Robot Miniatures. I got a squad of the Lykan Sawtooths and then a mixed unit of Da'Namians and Imperials. The mix will give me a good variety across the unit of 'Spanna Boyz.'

I got this lot of models in trade. Let me tell you, every one of these has been carefully converted into a representative of the Adeptus Mechanicus. I cannot overstate how well this fits my purposes. The unit out front are cultists with Necromunda rifles and press-moulded greenstuff masks and chest plates. The wraiths sport an assortment of weaponry. I haven't decided what exactly I'm doing with them, list wise; they may just become a creepy retinue for Inq28. The servitor-ogryns are going to either stay as is and get used for Inq28 or they'll be further converted and used as 'counts-as' Grot Tanks. Finally the FW Titan tech priest and the savant  with the chirurgeon arms are going to make great characters for Inq28, as well.

On those cultists, though... There are 16 of them, and then a servitor with heavy flamer and a converted engineer. I'll need two more models and then I'll have another mob of 'Spanna Boyz.' The distnction between tribesmen and the Machine Cultists is more than evident and will do well to keep em separate on the field and between battles (of course I have to go play...).

Finally, a progress update on the 'Deff Dread.' It seems to have sprouted a servitor, how odd.




  1. Haha Awesome! So awesome! Omfg that deff dread I love it!

    1. Thanks! The ammo chute looks a lot less clean, now... All it needs now is some greenstuff and it will be ready for paint.