Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Necromunda Bases 001

Somehow the discussion of appropriate bases for Necromunda came up and I decided I ought to make some. Since I scored that box of Necromunda terrain back in 2013, it was a snap to pull out a few deck sections and go from there.

I picked a few details from each design and drew them out 1:1. Then I did a lot of careful cutting, gluing, cutting, trimming, filling, filing, more filling, filing, then paint... none of which I managed to photograph. I really suck at stopping to take photos.

These two bases are made of layered .020" plasticard sheet. The base and the plasticard were both scored with a stencil knife prior to glue being applied, and the same was done with the subsequent layer. After the plastic cement set I used a precision curve shear (toenail clipper...yes, new ones!) to trim the edges. Liquid green stuff was applied to hide the seams and then filed smooth with #1500 & #3200 Flex-i-Files.

I can take photos of the finished product, though. The hazard chevrons came out okay. I will have to work on getting them more even in the future. As for the shade of blue and the weathering, I wanted more rust and wear. The card walkway looks more like it's from a desert outpost than an underhive sink somewhere.

Four more bases are planned. Now I just have to find some Arbites to mount on them...




  1. That's awesome CJ! I've been looking for a similar style base, and been hoping that dragonforges next kickstarter is about this style!