Thursday, April 23, 2015

Abhuman Technoheresy: Spanna Boyz Mob 001

The Lykans and Da'Namians arrived as my last post indicated. I got right to work on getting legs and torsos paired, then heads, arms, and weapons.

I made up the figures in two batches of five. They got pinned neck, waist, and shoulders to give them hardiness. One ended up with a Tau pulse carbine.

Then I set to creating a 'Mek' to lead the unit. I had a bit of inspiration and decided that one of my 'Meks' would have a mostly complete set of Imperial kit. I got to work with some pars and immediately changed legs. Then I added a bit of greenstuff in the form of a pelt. The Lykan totem rounds him out as a 'boss pole.'

Here is the completed lot. Ten down, ten to go. Then more. Always more boyz. Oh and grenaded and pouches.





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