Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gideon Main Battle Tank 001: Unboxing

This magnificent beauty arrived today. Fresh from Mad Robot Miniatures, the Gideon MBT is a great replacement for the Leman Russ. I like the lines of this tank, originally designed by Jas Hodge. The Mad Robot turned that 3d model into this gorgeous chunk of resin. I made an unboxing video to show off my new tank. I can't wait to get two more and have a squadron.

If it only plays at potato quality go to youtube and watch.

There is the hull compared to its countpart. The tracks look a lot beefier (better) and the head lamps built in the track guards are great. The sides are nice, solid sections. One bonus to this kit for me is that if I want to add side skirts there is plenty of room to do so. Same with adding sponsons if I decide I want to waste points :/

You can see here how the turret is also quite a bit beefier. I've got the long barrel canon out to compare since I have my assembled Leman Russ with a Vanquisher cannon. The barrel is nice and long like the Forge World offering. The last picture is the twin autocannons to count as the Exterminator. I plan on using magnets to be able to mount all five options included with my Gideon.

...I haven't gotten a tank from Forge World in some time but I don't remember any of them being this clean.




  1. Awesome! I'm saving some cash to get a trio of these, really glad to see how nicely the casts turned out. Good stuff, man!

    1. I've been looking forward to getting home and working on mine all day. I think with a little push I can get it cleaned up, turret modified to accept all variant weapons, and assembled tonight.