Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Now and Then: Leman Russ

Sometime around October I picked up a Leman Russ to make a command tank. I'll post some shots of that in a later post.

In March I won an auction on eBay for another Leman Russ. A Second Edition Leman Russ.

The box now is two halves, so was the 2nd Ed box. The instruction pamphlet is pretty straight forward for each version of the kit as well. Big differences in the contents are that the current release doesn't include road wheels or the Imperial vehicle accessory sprue (the first one, with the extra pointy dozer blade).

Another big difference is the original kit only made one Leman Russ variant. If you wanted a Demolisher you needed to buy that kit, and there was an Exterminator kit. Only heavy bolter sponsons, only hull lascannon. The aforementioned accessory sprue came with one heavy flamer.

This is my favorite part of the old kit is the rules. I've seen an entire armoured column destroyed due to just really, magically shitty rolls on that chart.

Sometime soon there will be a post with some tanks being taken from the Pile of Grey Shame instead of added, I promise.




  1. Any side by side comparison? Any size change?

    1. The tank itself is the same size. The older box is about twice as deep as the new. Otherwise the dimensions are the same.

  2. Nice! Haven't seen a good ol' Datafax in a long time. I honestly miss the old roadwheels-and-tracks style guard tanks, so much potential for conversion with them. The new kits go together a little easier and offer more options though, which is admittedly nice!

    1. I loved when they added the track guards to the accessory sprue. Not only did I not need road wheels anymore, now I could save a load of track per tank. These road wheels might find their way to the magical replication chamber.