Sunday, May 8, 2016

Terrain: Scrap Pile 001

I decided I needed to get something done while working on the bigger pieces I have on my table at the moment or lose all momentum and stagnate for another month or three...

I chose a scrap pile as a quick project. I've wanted to throw one together for a while now; and after seeing one on the commute to work every day I was inspired.

I started with a hardboard base, half of an empty welding wire spool, and some styrofoam. From there I added cut up pieces of thin card and broken pieces of stir sticks. I started at the bottom and layered around the piece moving up. Pieces of steel in a heap will auto level after a fashion. On one side of the pile I cheated in the effect of many, many layers of sandwiched plates of scrap by scoring lines in the foam then wedging pieces of card in. Once its all painted I'm hoping the effect comes out right.

After the glue holding the card in place had set I added filler to the side of the spool. Once it had dried I added a couple more plates to that side then gave the base edge a layer sand.

This piece is a companion of sorts for the Mek's Workshop I started last summer. What self respecting Mek doesn't have a handy scrap heap?

I can say that this little piece coming together so nicely after sort of struggling with motivation on the two larger pieces is really what I needed, and I'm ready to get cracking on the bigger pieces again.

Stay tuned for more terrain updates.




  1. Fantastic, look forward to seeing it painted.

  2. I always enjoy seeing these projects, as I sometimes have difficulty envisoning the final product...then primer hits it and WOW.

  3. I've wanted to build something similar for a while. Nice work!

  4. @Dave Weston I'm working on it, but something else has come along.

    @Greg Hess I looked at the one on the commute for two months before I had a light bulb moment to get it rolling.

    @Dean Kelly Make sure to share it with us when you do!