Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Basket Giveaway

I found this over on Sippin on Paint Water.  Follow their blog (which I do and its worth it), get a shot at the prize.  Repost on your blog, get another shot.  There is a third shot you can qualify for, paint a mini like an egg or paint an egg like a mini, then send a pic to the address listed in the link above.


  1. Welcome to the Blogger community, if you can get a really neat article up with some eye-candy in it I'll see if I can't send some traffic your way. I've done a few giveaways in the past, most didn't result in a large number of new followers, but after offering some chocolate bunnies I've had about sixty new members in a week. Not sure of the deep implications of this but keep it in mind.

  2. Thanks, Chris! I'm working on an installment for tonight dealing with terrain.

  3. Well it seems like featuring you on my blog got you a jump start, now the pressure is on, can you hold the peoples interest? He he he, I just messing with you, just keep doing what your doing and you'll find an audience, most of us are just glad to be part of a like minded community of gamers and hobbiests, gives us somewhere to flex our creative muscles and get feedback. Keep up the good work.