Friday, April 6, 2012

Terrain for Hippos.. wait, what?

So I found this site and I have to admit that initially I snubbed it.  Then I came across it again, and looked past the cartoony graphic and the moar cartoony speech bubbles...  There is some excellent information contained within the 50+ 'Ishoos' that have been posted so far.  I'd recommend this to all levels of terrain maker. Even if there is no new pieces, there may be techniques you've never considered.

Also on the subject of terrain, a big shout out to Andy Slater and the members at Terragenesis!  I've been a member of this forum for literally years.  There is always a contest running and while there are no cash/shiny prizes, there is the distinction of pushing yourself to create at the next level.


  1. Terrain for Hippos is awesome! They always make me want to jump in the terrain bin and build stuff.

  2. I'm up to *ishoo firteen* and its been really good so far. I've even picked up some pointers I plan to use elsewhere.