Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So for the most part, things progress.  Yesterday, not so much.  I got everything ready for the first half pour for the window sections of my terrain tile project, as well as prepping some bases for reproduction.  I skipped an essential step in the process, though, and poured the silicone without first coating the outside of my mould boxes with Mod Podge... Silicone everywhere.  So that puts pretty much everything on hold until I can afford more silicone.  On to the bases... Not painting the finished bases with a coating of the same Mod Podge that should have covered my mould boxes caused the silicone to adhere around the sand and cork on my bases and when I peeled them from the mould, lots of the surface detail came off.

An interesting thing, I made a to do list and knocked out pretty much everything on it.  I should have had prep moulds broken down into a bit more detail, then I would have realized I was skipping stages.

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