Sunday, April 15, 2012

...and Army in Progress

At one point in time I had around 20000 pts of Imperial forces, along with roughly 5000 pts of Traitors and Xenos.  Now, not so much.  I'm working to bring what I have back up to fighting fit, as evidenced by yet another nifty chart.
Most of my army is painted and based.  The few bits that aren't painted and are allocated are the subject of this post.  Firstly, a theme of my army is the Commissariat.  To represent this, my army will be lead by Commissar Yarrick.  I've got a Cadian/ Steel Legion force, planned to be married irrevocably in forthcoming fluff.

Anyways, some reinforcements from Forgeworld via FeeBay:
Finecast Yarrick, and Forgeworld Death Korps Commissar.  I realize at this point that Yarrick isn't represented on the above diagram...  I'll fix it later.

More Commissars.  The one on the right has a custom sculpted long coat.
A couple melta troopers.  The one on the right is a flamer with a piece of a CoD tile detail as the nozzle.  The Forgeworld melta trooper with hostile environment kit was a rough bit of cast. too.  I gave him a Purity Seal in one place to ease sculpting requirements.
Next up is some more Forgeworld hostile environment troops.  They will be converted into Storm Troopers, much in the fashion of the following:
This is as far as I've gotten on the army so far.  I'm waiting on some bitz from MaxMini, Blight Wheel, and Puppets War at the moment, so I'll be working on the terrain tile project, as well as the Storm Troops, not to mention all the figs that are nearing completion.


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  1. Nice! The painting chart is so handy for organization and motivation as well - There's a sense of satisfaction in turning a unit green! I dig the Commissariat idea, really looking forward to seeing that come together. Good stuff!