Friday, September 19, 2014

Suppressor: Building a better Taurox 001

Last week I showed off my mac & cheese taurox proxy prototype. This week I am excited to tell you that my order from Plankystone via came in, and I was able to begin construction of my variant pattern as my continued commitment to the 6MMRPC..

Supply drop!
Here is roughly what I'm looking for from my Suppressor pattern Taurox. I did up a bunch of 1:1 drawings, then built the card version to see what it looks like, and I was happy then. Now that the wheels are here, I'm very happy.

Before I started cutting into the plasticard shown above, I built a jig out of the LEGO bricks I had on hand.

This piece of plasticard is the base I'll build on. Using the jig allows the placement of all bricks to be the same across all three builds.
I repeated this process for all three models. It was rather easy with the jig to help keep everything in line.

Three Suppressor pattern chassis ready for continued construction.



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  1. Anyone who uses legos is alright in my book! Looking forward to this builds progress!