Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Orks: Deffkopta Refurbishment 001

During the summer of 2012 I was working on an Ork force. For whatever reason I wanted lots of Deffkoptas; I had in mind to use something like 20 of the things to use as harriers and general asshats on the flanks... you know, Orky stuff. So I started buying them up on eBay. The core of the army was comprised of AoBR Orks, and they got sold. I've had these Deffkoptas ever since. They are in pretty rough shape, so instead of work on them they went in a drawer. I found em yesterday and decided to refurbish them.

They suffer from the same ailments most eBay fodder suffers: mould lines, broken rotors, broken flight stands, globs of glue. Easily taken care of with a little bit of elbow grease. The other problem the AoBR Deffkoptas present is that they only have rokkits. Codex options are currently twin linked big shoota, twin linked rokkit launcha, or kustom mega blasta.

I used my tube cutter to solve that problem. With lengths of 1/8th and 3/16th inch styrene tube I crafted some shoota barrels. Clipping off a pair of rokkits leaves stumps suitable for attachment of these barrels. And just like that, all the weapon options present in one model.

After reattaching the rotors to the hub with superglue and pins, the model is ready for paint. Now to get the rest up to this point. Well, one down and eight to go.



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