Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Terrain: Imperial Excavator 001

I found this guy at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. I love hitting up thrift shops and the like for everything, not just terrain fodder. This electric excavator was free since it is missing a track. It sat in my living room, menacing my cat and taking up space for no good reason except I was pondering whether or not to tear off the boom and stick or leave it on.

I opted for off. It was a pain in the ass, and it took longer than I expected. As I sat there, swearing under my breath and watching Sword Art Online with The Girl, I wondered why this thing was such a bastard to get apart.


Turns out the reason is emblazoned right there on the boom. I really ought to have known better in hind sight, since I had about every damn metal Tonka truck there was for my sandbox. The only one that I ever ever broke was the excavator that I left out one winter by mistake. That thing rusted solid at the pin.

Eventually it came off.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Imperial Excavator. Ever seen a gothic excavator? Me either. but I'm gonna try an' church it up a bit.



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