Sunday, March 8, 2015

Terrain: Imperial Excavator 002

Deconstruction continued on the Tonka toy for an hour or so, while I took out screws and recovered archeotech from the beast. Here is what I ended up with...

There were four electric motors to govern the function of the drive, boom, and bucket; not to mention all the gears to transfer the momentum. A side effect of gutting this thing is a couple pieces that look sort of like things one might find in a derelict factory. I plan to use 'em in future projects.

Using thin card I added some ironwork to the boom and stick. I also used a tp roll to cover the gap a the base of the boom where the worky bits of the toy fit. Straight pins have been used as rivets.

I used clippers to tear through the hull of the excavator and it left a pretty wicked gash. The socket the boom fits into was full of wires and worky parts which ran the toy. As previously stated I gutted the monster and then reformed the socket with more thin card and the rest of the tp roll. This is the base layer for the detail I plan to add to make the excavator look more 'Imperial'.

The last photos here shows the scale of this thing pretty well. It's big.




  1. Looks great! Looking forward to the end product

    1. which I attempt to make construction equipment from m41 look like it was built in 1890's xD