Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deathwatch 001: Killteam Reminiscence

I've been a fan of the Deathwatch ever since they were featured in a White Dwarf battle report, allied with the Steel Legion. They looked so cool and  the way the battle report was set up they were just awesome. Back then it wasn't very difficult to find back issues of WD so I tracked down the ones I needed that had the Deathwatch rules and Index Astartes entry. I decided after looking to the rules that I wanted to put together a unit of Deathwatch. I'm excited to see the Resurgence of these guys now, I mean it's about 14-15 years after the fact for me. The Deathwatch was the ordo militant that rumor had firmly ensconced with the lost Codex: Alienhunters. Death Masque game looks to be fun, and the Deathwatch Marines in there look great. The Killteam included with Overkill are also some really characterful miniatures.
Now back then Games Workshop had just two options for Deathwatch conversion. There was a head sprue that included two heads and then there was the a stalker boltgun and shoulder pad sprue. I picked up 10 or 11 of the latter from Mail Order, and then I bought 5 blisters Dark Angels tactical marines, for the robed bodies. I end up getting a Dremel at the same time-my first one-because it made it so much easier to grind off the Dark Angels iconography on those miniatures. I picked up a couple of heavy Bolter Marines since heavy bolters with suspensors are badass (18" frag missile that doesn't scatter? OKAY!).  And I loved to run these guys, they were so much fun back in the day... this was 3rd edition, and it was a few years til 4th still. I had a lightning claw, two power fists, a couple power weapons, and the force sword wielding Librarian. My Deathwatch Killteam was ready to go. 
I even built a dedicated Rhino for them- painted the interior, very carefully replaced the bolter moulded on the bulkhead with one of the stalker pattern, and gave the driver a Deathwatch shoulderpad. When 4th edition came out with it came the new Space Marine commander box. The bits from that box allowed me to update my Deathwatch Killteam and I even got started painting the models. I never got around to getting good pictures of them, mores the pity.
So with that in mind and the Leman Russ project kind of stalled I've moved on to my Deathwatch Overkill Marines, and decided to start with Chaplain Cassius and Vael Donatus. I'll get those guys painted up and then move on. I have no idea what order I'll get the rest painted in.

I gave these guys my usual basecoat of Testors Model Master flat black acrylic, followed by drybrush layers of Codex Grey and Administratum Grey. My plan is to give them a few coats of Nuln Oil and see how it turns out... hopefully what I've got in mind works.



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