Sunday, August 7, 2016

Inq28: Kill Team Completed!

I finished my kill team for the /r/warhammer40k summer challenge, and managed to do so with a couple days to spare. I thought painting would take me right to the wire. Now that all the submissions are in I'm ready to reveal my mystery characters. If you're a redditor you ought to go vote!

Enter Gideon Lorr and Uriah Jacobus! These are a couple of my favorite character models. When the Witchhunters Codex was released Gideon Lorr was a limited edition release. I never managed to get one then, but the through the magic of eBay I was able to pick one up. Uriah Jacobus was a Sisters of Battle release (I think... I'm having a bitch of a time trying to find history on the fig) and I think I had one on my conversion fodder pile years ago and never did anything with it.

For my kill team I picked an inquisitor, a priest, and three veterans. I added purity seals to Jacobus and the veterans to help tie them together with something besides similar colours... which I also relied on. Red and gold feature across all the models. The veterans all have shotguns to better help heretics and mutants find the Mercy of the Emperor's Divine Light along side the priest. Lorr is armed with a plasma pistol and his bad ass hat.

Now in an actual game I have no idea how these guys will do and I don't know whether or not I'll get one in anytime soon.



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