Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Imperial Knight 001: Last Summer's Knight

In 2015 life took a turn for the more interesting for a while. While I was dealing with depression I impulse bought a Knight Warden since I wanted one and had stopped caring about bills or rent (foolishly....) at least for the moment.

Seriously, I went out for a pot of paint and ended up with the Knight.

I got him all put together in short order. I also set about making the arms interchangeable so that I can field whatever variant the mission calls for. Now I've got four Knights and that's less of an issue but hey, I'm going to repeat the process for each.

I'm working on custom house colours at the moment, but came up with this last summer when I was working on the initial build.
I want my Knight household loosely affiliated with Legio Astorum, so I worked their eclipse design into my heraldry. Looks good on paper, lets see if I can actually paint it on the area provided.

At the moment I'm working on finishing the Knight's base and dabbling with actually diving in and painting it. The model is primed silver and waiting for love like so many of my other models. I downloaded Freeblade for my phone to play with the knight painter... the knight painter is full of fremium content. Fortunately the colours I wanted to play with were easy to approximate with the available options.
So something like that.




  1. Hang in there CJ! Looking forward to knight progress! (as I'm now working on mine as well!)

  2. @GregHess Thanks for the encouragement, mate!