Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Leman Russ Salvage 002

The refurbishment of these two Leman Russ tanks continues. With the side skirts basic construction finished I moved on to adding some details to them, as well as working out how they'd be mounted.

Using floral wire I added some lugs to the side skirts. These extend through holes drilled in the hull, allowing me to remove the skirts for painting. Not bad, but still a bit plain.

I added a ladder to each skirt with more wire. This gives it a bit more detail to break up the large flat panels.

Finally, I clipped off all the stowage lugs from the older turrets and drilled holes to mount lugs made from wire loops.

All that's left on these two tanks is to rebuild the hull heavy bolter for the tank on the left. The one on the right is ready for paint. I'm beginning to think these Leman Russ will fill out a command squad. I've got a Vanquisher in the works to be used as Commander Pask.




  1. Nice salvage job. If you wan't to add more to the armour, how about an aquila on each side or just attach some stowage to the lugs