Sunday, July 31, 2016

Leman Russ Salvage 001

I scored a couple eBay wins in the form of Leman Russ tanks and 10 man squads of Steel Legionnaires complete with heavy weapon team. The Russes both came with extra armour in the form of plasticard spaced armour. One panel was missing, no big deal. One hull HB was missing and I think I lost it after it got here. Also no big deal I can make a new one...

Not bad for eBay, but I usually do alright. Bonus points they're painted in a similar colour to my scheme. This makes a repaint easier.

The first thing I did was to get the armour popped off the turret and hull. I cleaned off the glue from the panels and made some measurements. I made a replacement panel for the missing piece and then glued them all together, using a ruler to keep them aligned at the bottom. Some of the panels weren't straight on one edge or another so it gives it an in the field modification look.

After securing the panels together with more plasticard, I turned them over and began a labor intensive process of making a shitgob of 3mm squares to add to the armour. I got this far and decided that this wasn't the way I was going to get this done as I was rapidly losing motivation.

So I decided to just use whole panels. It worked out fine, and fits better with the field mod look of the armour.

The turrets both lacked the little storage locker that sits to one side so I built one up from more plasticard. I'll add some lenses to each and call em targeters.

Here is the final result of the armour modification. After I rebuild the hull weapon on the one Leman Russ they'll be ready for paint.



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