Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Inq28: Mystery Character Retinue 001

I scored a couple character models on eBay over the weekend. I'll keep the lid on who they are for now... but one of em has a retinue. In the spoil from another eBay haul was the bits necessary to build these fine Servants of the Emperor.

The legs and torsos are standard from the Cadian Shocktrooper kit. The arms are from the Space Marine Scout kit. I cut the oversize site rail off the top and it really makes the weapon look more manageable in the hands of a baseline human. I used the canteen and daggers from the Scions kit to indicate the veteran status of these models. The same kit provided rounds that work great as extra shotgun loads, and of course the beret heads.

Next up for these models will be greenstuff work and adding some more purity seals.

Cheers til then!



  1. Looks like a bunch of fine Imperial citizens.

    1. Upright and motivated to enforce the Emperor's Will!

    2. I just stole the idea of chopping the huge sight rail off of a Inq28 figure I am working on at the moment. Really make the gun seem more manageable.