Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Chimera Project

Once upon a time I had a couple of Basilisks come to me and their Earthshakers stripped for terrain purposes. They were both in a state of disrepair and I sought to use the empty hulls as a basis for a modular Chimera. So I cleaned the hulls up and set to work.

Please forgive me the image quality, these are nine years old.

Firstly I build up a standard transport variant. It turned out alright, especially seen next to the standard kit.

Just the module that fit the hull.

Next I built up a Salamander Scout variant. Every one of those deck details is a bit of screen cut up and individually placed. The crew was pinned into place after being painted.

The modified hulls. I ended up making a Trojan variant as well, but will leave that for another post.

I've been going through my photobucket and I have a few things that will make for good throwback articles. Sucks though its mostly models I lost in the churn. C'est la vie, eh?




  1. Very cool. Since FW stopped doing the Salamander I've been trying to figure out how to build my own.

    1. I'll be tackling the conversion again here soon. I'll do a tutorial on how I do it.

    2. A tutorial would be great - I'm rubbish at scratchbuilding without fine detail instructions.