Thursday, July 21, 2016

Unrelated: My Hero Elon Musk

I'm a huge Elon Musk fan. That guy is 'wicked smaht' as it might be said by the guys back home. Anyway, ten years back I remember reading the Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan blog entry... it blew my mind a little bit. When he made his electric car patents open source, it blew my mind a lot.

This morning I woke up and checked the internet and lo, part two of Musk's master plan is revealed.

Maybe I'm a romantic and a futurist and a whole bunch of other adjectives that fit.


Self driving cars, okay. Self driving shared fleet?! Sign me up. I've wanted a Tesla Motors vehicle since the announcement. This bit of information is now a sweetener (as if I needed another). On top of that the different models being developed to fill the current market niches for both civil and commercial transportation? Brilliant. The work being done on self driving vehicles by Tesla and Google is something I find amazing. In my lifetime a self driving car has gone from an experimental HUMVEE literally crammed with gear to a sedan that seats four comfortably.

Solar is come into its own with the recent advances in photovoltaic efficiency. I know it's been around for a while but now we're to the point where having solar as your only power source (or as part of a sustainable system) and not being stuck on Electric Conglomerate's tit anymore....

Go read Musk's post. I'm just gushing this morning. I'm going to get some coffee and get moving.



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