Saturday, September 3, 2016

Deathwatch 004: Dreadnought Conversion

As I stated previously, I'm participating in the September Hobby Challenge as presented on Ive been meaning to post my progress sooner this week but it's been a tumultuous one. Enough about that, though.

First thing I did was put a piece of floral wire in place to mount the arms. Now I can put it together and look at it, instead of having to hold everything in place while I ponder hobby philosophy ;)

The most distinctive feature of the Deathwatch is, after the black and silver power armour, the left arm and especially the shoulder pauldron. The BaC Contemptor comes with some ornamentation to it, so I focused on the arms. I made the pauldron's gardbrace and the couter out of .020 sheet styrene. The cog tooth pattern on the right arm was made from a stick of .030x.060 styrene stock and careful trimming.

Then I broke out the green stuff and very carefully set to creating the pattern of lines of text on the pauldron. I did my best, and I think it will pass the all important three foot test. I'll build up the text one face of the shoulder at a time then come in with successive layers to finish the Deathwatch insignia. I'll also sculpt the skull and starburst on the couter.

Paint hides a multitude of sins XD