Sunday, September 11, 2016

Deathwatch 006: Ready for Paint

This conversion is ready for a basecoat.

With the left over putty from the text tutorial, I sculpted a purity seal over the thin spot on the pauldron text. Then I set the arm aside and moved on to the body.

I mentioned before this the BaC Contepmtor was an ideal candidate since it has the ornamentation similar to the Relic Contempor. My all Techmarine army uses Iron Hands chapter tactics on the rare occasions it sees the table top. Deciding that this Contemptor could be an Iron Hands Deathwatch veteran, I took a look at the Iron Hands Contemptor on FW to see what I might add and decided on the bonding studs. I marked out a pattern, drilled and countersunk holes, and used steel sewing pins. The right pauldron got ten studs and an Iron Hands sigil.

With a little deconstructing a train wreck of a base was converted to one that works really well.

I am good at fixing gaps in models and sculpting purity seals. This whole arm was definitely a challenge. I'm glad I decided to try, and am pleased with the results overall. I look forward to trying my hand at more new things in future projects.




  1. Coming along nicely, and the studs are so cool! I guess one good thing about the plastic contemptor kit is that it's a blank canvas for creativity.

    1. Thanks a lot. I have to say I prefer the poseability of the FW Contemptor better.

  2. That text looks fantastic! Great use of the sewing tacks as well, works well for the studs

    1. Cheers! I got the idea to use the sewing pins from the old Black Gobbo webzine GW used to run. Anyone remember that?