Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A shout for Armies, Legions & Hordes

There are a few GW hobbyists that I used to love seeing their projects in White Dwarf... Rob Hawkins, Paul Sawyer, Chad Meirzwa... Dave Taylor. A lot of these guys got on to blogging their projects to share em with the world, which inspired me to start my blog.

Dave Taylor has inspired me to try more and do better in my hobby endeavors than any other hobbyist. With that in mind I was happy as a pig in shit to back his Kickstarter for Armies, Legions & Hordes. I'd try and sell you on it but The Terrain Tutor (Mel is bloody amazing go watch his videos) does it much better. I will say that when my copy of Armies, Legions & Hordes does arrive I'll display it along with my Imperial Armour Masterclass books.

The KS is almost unlocked all of the pledge levels. Even better there's a pledge level that gets you some facetime with Dave via Skype. Now I can't afford that one but I sure wish I could. Oh well I guess I'll just have to try and meet him at a game con someday.

In other news I'm plugging along with my tanks for #armourinapril. Stay tuned for more updates!




  1. Sounds interesting. Not something I would plum for but interesting.

    Good luck with the tanks.