Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Inq28: The Guilder

This is Mad Robot Miniatures 'The Guilder.' I am a big fan of this model. As soon as I saw the preview Mad Robot Steve put on his facebook page I knew how I wanted him to look.

When he arrived I decided to get him cleaned up and painted straight away. After a bath in warm soapy water to remove any mould release agent I basecoated the miniature with Rustoleum grey primer. Once that set I gave him an overbrush of Ceramite White, and from there I had at him with washes and glazes. The finish on the fabric is exactly what I wanted. I used Testors Model Master Turn Signal Amber quite a bit, in all the yellow and gold in fact. It has proven to be a versatile paint. To think I bought it by mistake.

Getting The Guilder knocked out is great on two fronts: firstly it gets me my 'Buy a model and paint it within 48 hours' stamp. Secondly I plan to get great mileage outta him as either a dubious or outright villainous NPC for some Inq28 games.

Ten stamps not including the freebie box! Stay tuned as I try and fill the card.




  1. That is freakin' awesome! Never saw that model and must now buy one immediately. Really digging how yours is coming along, man!

    1. Cheers! I've got a henchmen that I got in trade a while ago that is perfect for this guy.