Sunday, April 8, 2018

Armour in April 1st Update

 I started with two tanks nearly complete so I have been focused on getting them done first. The LR Vanquisher is nearly done at this point. The Gideon pattern MBT I had painted half of the metallics and then stopped. I got the rest done and now they are both ready for some washes.

 I got all the Shadow Grey basecoat applied to one of my basic LR hulls as well. While I was working on the metallics for the Gideon I painted the tracks and grab handles on the armour skirt for this comparison picture. When I first started with my Imperial Guard, the tank on the left would have been fielded as is and considered done. I was completely chuffed with my paint job, too, since it was smooth, no brush strokes. That was about... oh iunno Eye of Terror? So In the interval I've made some progress.

In the modeling side of things I made some changes to the Salamander. I've added a few extra track links and an old lasgun rack. I may add some more stowage to the vehicle at a later date.

I haven't gotten any progress updates from anyone else participating yet, but when I do I'll make sure to share them.



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