Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018 Wargames Hobby Bingo Update

It's been a really productive year and I've managed to fill out quite a few stamps for the card.

Painting the Knight for Monster March allowed me to stamp the 'Finish painting a model that's been in your to do pile or that's  remained unfinished for more than a year.' I started assembling that one back in 2015.

Finishing up my Vanquisher for #armourinapril lets me stamp 'Paint a vehicle.'

A little sculpting and a weapon swap made for an efficient One-Eye Jack stand in and got me the stamp for 'Convert a model.'

I don't have a completed photo for 'Build and paint a scenery kit' or 'Sculpt something on a model'  but the projects in question are my Garden of Morr and The Witchhunter's warband that I've added some purity seals to.

Finally a preview of the project in process (it's done now) of my Death Guard from the Dark Imperium box and The Plague Brethren. These projects count toward my 'Paint a model for an army you don't already collect and play' and 'Add a new unit to your army and completely paint it before using it on the battlefield' stamps.

So that's eight stamps so far for me. I've got a project for stamp number nine cooking as I type this up. #armourinapril is in full swing still. My only hope is that I can maintain this level of productivity in the months to come (and hopefully that's not a curse I've just laid...). There is plenty of plastic on my desk, and I'm really excited for the new Knight Codex.

Thanks again to Rob Hawkins for coming up with the bingo card.



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