Sunday, April 15, 2018

Armour in April 2nd Update

The end of the second week of the month is here and #armourinapril rolls on.

This week saw me get some rare morning painting done before work. I'm usually up quite a bit before I need to leave the house anyways so I may try and capitalize on this previously unrealized hobby time. The Salamander Scout got it's basecoat finished up and both tanks got a black wash so they'd be ready for drybrushing when I got back to my desk again.

Update: I got some progress photos from Pablo Daniele Mura, he is working on a trio of Leman Russ tanks.

In related projects I assembled some parts and set out on a conversion marathon... Stay tuned for more news there.

In only slightly related news Dave Taylor's Kickstarter has successfully funded all the stretch goals. I look forward to getting my book.



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