Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hobby Stage

While finishing up the mercenary henchman of Inquisitor-Magos Heiloran, I decided that I wanted a stage of sorts to take photos of completed models. I've been using Necromunda bulkheads as a background so far. Adding a deck of foamcore and card seemed like a simple enough solution.

As mentioned above I used foamcore and cereal packet card to make the deck, securing the pieces of card with PVA glue. Once all the squares were dry I built up piles of sand around the edges and also built up a little prop to help hide base rims.

The completed stage. Sorry, I once again forgot to take photos of the painting process. I painted the whole thing with black craft paint, then brown iron oxide craft paint, then drybrushed with gunmetal metal. Wash with Agrax Earthshade and black wash, drybrush metal again, then a heavy splash of mud wash. The sand is finished in the same manor of the 'Orks' I'm working on.

One of the things I realized about this little project is that I'll need a bigger prop to hide bases of multiple models or larger models. The above shows Luka Genadiyevich and the 'prop', see what I mean? That little thing isn't gonna do shit to hide a 40mm base... but I can use this stage setting for some more atmospheric mini photos.




  1. CJ,
    You could make the props so they "socket" into one another :).

    1. I'm thinking along those same lines. Something like big stones with sockets to pin them together.