Friday, June 19, 2015

Inq28: The Huntsman's Sweeps and Keepers 001

I decided with Island of Blood being pulled from shelves in anticipation of Age of Sigmar and 9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy, I ought to get my hands on these two Skaven scum (VALTEN LIVES or did we retcon that, too?) for conversion purposes.

I clipped the Warplock Engineer's blade and replaced it with a Sicarian blade. The head is from the same source. The area behind the hood has been extended with greenstuff, and the gap between the pack and ratman likewise filled. The feet have been chopped and clipped and will be meant to be bionic.

The Moulder got a Skitarii head and a screen from an Ironstrider. Again, the gaps were filled with GS. This guy had some fur to carve off, and I'm working on covering the spots with more robe.

These guys will henceforth be called 'The Jawas'. Here are the monstrosities they herd...

I got the Wraiths in trade and they were converted to a nice go, but I couldn't leave well enough alone... so I pried out the skulls and tore out the arms and mixed em up a bit. They will be getting Ruststalker heads, and I'm trying to decide if they need bolters as well. These guys might just be Scyllax Guardian-Automata that survived on a forge world, locked in a vault until the right heretical secrets might have opened it.

I like that idea...




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    1. Cheers, man. Kid Kthulu did was the original doctor on the wraiths, I'm building on his success there :D