Monday, June 29, 2015

Terrain: Fences Complete

I said I was going to dig into the pile of unfinished projects over the weekend, and I have. These fences were featured in my fifth blog post, and seem to be the oldest unfinished project I have that isn't in deep freeze. The pieces needed sand added to them before they'll be ready for paint. They've been waiting for some time for this last step to be done... about time then.

Since there are eight of these segments to get painted, I decided that I wanted to paint the bases one step at a time. The above photos depict the each stage of the operation. They were based with black craft paint, then given a layer of Blue Slate Grey. Drybrush layers of Graveyard Earth and Seal Grey followed, then a wash of Devlan Mud. Drybrush layers followed again, Seal Grey then Bleached Bone. Finally, the edge was given a layer of Seal Grey.

I learned after painting the bases and taking on the metallics of the fence itself that I had done my work backward. Trying to keep black wash from flowing down and ruin the base was a pain in the ass, and one I don't want to repeat.

The good commissar was there at the beginning so I thought it fitting he be here for the scale shot at the end.

There is no good reason for pieces to go unfinished for over two years, especially considering all the free time I find myself burning doing nothing productive (it seems). This sort of thing still happens, though. I remember once I cleaned off my hobby area and found a whole box of Space Marines... Shit gets away from you sometimes. Therefore I pledge to have fewer unfinished projects just laying about for no reason... I'm looking at you, Mek Workshop.




  1. Great Fences! They look stellar. Now you make me want to make a whole slew of them.

  2. They are simple and quick to do, that's why I selected them as projects when I did. I want to make another eight or ten sections for the other board now.