Friday, June 5, 2015

Lazy Friday Evening with Macharius

I'm sitting on the stoop reading the Angel of Fire in the cool June breeze (that won't last...) and with $2 in my hand. I'm enjoying the opening of the Macharian Crusade and waiting for the corn lady to come by. Good times. It's not the first ear I've had this season but its close. The corn lady brings fresh sweet corn then coats it in mayo, Parmesan cheese, and chili powder. This stuff is delicious.

I should probably be working on some models or terrain but its too nice out. I'll have to come inside eventually to post this.. until then I'm killing time with the remaining crewmen of the Indomitable and one of my favorite Imperial commanders.




  1. Great trilogy, will end up fleshing out the stark division between the upper echelons of Imperial command and the grunts on the front line. That was my favourite part. Along side the mental images of the Angel of Fire.

    1. The part when the Space Marines come down on Karsk was pretty epic. I'm just past there now.