Sunday, June 7, 2015

Inq28: The Catachan Hunter 001

As I worked on the first batch of Skitarii/Scion bashed henchmen for Inquisitor Magos Heiloran to lead around the galaxy, I started thinking of uses for the rest of the kits. One piece that kept coming to the fore of my brainstorming was the Transuranic Arquebus. After looking through my bits box I decided I wanted a hunter to carry the sniper weapon.

A stormtrooper hunter would be perfect to carry the sniper rifle. I got to work on the model and he came together quite quickly.

Looking good so far... but he'll need a support for that weapon.

What is this, WFB?
The supplied support wasn't going to cut it. The feel I'm looking for overall is a bit more dynamic that that thing suggests... so I had to modify it a bit.

See what I mean? The hunter is moving as he stalks his prey, or herds the Inquisitor Magos's quarry to its end. To affect that sense of motion I embedded the end of the gun support in a servo skull. The skull helps keep the rifle locked in for the hunter. Powerful targeting optics in the skull and scope combine to make for a extremely stable platform for the hunter to offer support fire from.

Now that basic assembly is done, he is ready for details and greenstuff; then paint and basing. I also think he needs a hound. More on that later.




  1. Should look great painted up. And a pretty novel idea.

    1. Thanks, Moody. I have an idea for the paint job and it's gonna be great or look like shit and earn this model one of the fastest break fluid turn arounds ever.

  2. I wouldn't consider that a sniper rifle...that's an anti tank rifle!

    1. Tomato, tomacco... it does happen to have Armourbane as one of its rules xD