Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Inq28: The Mercenary from Belis Corona

The mercenary is done. Considering the most difficult thing on this model was adding the sheathed hellgun, that he is finished first isn't too surprising.

Luka Genadiyevich was recruited by Inquisitor-Magos Heiloran on the expansive orbital dockyards of BELIS CORONA. Genadiyevich scored a kill shot on a bounty head who also happened to be a drawing a bead on Heiloran.
 Genadiyevich ended up on station at the BELIS CORONA dockyards after chasing another bounty there. A freak accident caused Luka's original bounty to be crushed to death by a misfunction in the control linkage of a servitor-crane. The mercenary was on the beach, so to speak, and so found temporary work chasing station bounties and providing guard duty for secure holds. He was waiting around to spend his slush on a trip to somewhere away from the endless war of The Eye.
The man had been hive scum, one of a gang recruited to put off agents in pursuit of Inquisitor Renne. Unfortunately for the wayward magos, the hiver had ended up with a bounty hanging over him for trying to run some racket or another. On the fringes of The Eye, that sort of nonsense wasn't tolerated. Grift was kept to the established channels on the station, and Genadiyevich had tracked the gang scum to their ambush. Inquisitor Heiloran and his interrogator made a quick finish of the close-in work, and by the Emperor's serendipity the Mercenary foiled the gang's attack. Inquisitor-Magos Heiloran negotiated the mercenary to a place on his team shortly after, before departing the station in pursuit of Lord Renne. Their departure coincided with a rash of deaths among the dregs of the station population.

The mercenary is armed with the 40k equivalent of the dirty love child of Sam Fisher's FN-2000 and Jean Starwind's Caster gun; it shoots all kinda cool shit. Genadiyevich is also armed with a hellgun. Both weaponns he picked up on his adventures in the Calixis Sector. I painted them both red in homage to GW's red era. both my first SM and IG codex heavily featured red gun casings... not to mention the original How to Paint Citadel Miniatures book. The rest of his colouring is inspired from the colours that used to be on the cap of one of the all time shittiest beers ever, Corona. One caught my eye in 2005 and I have wanted to use the colour combination on a model ever since.

The palette got a bit dry, so I topped it up and the paints came right back.
I did use the wet palette in painting this model, and the base. I learned that if you're gonna drybrush, just drib out the paint onto the dry palette since the wet palette thins it just a bit too much for effective drybrishing... go figure. I thought this might be the case but oh well, now I know for sure. I have heard ominous warnings about putting metallics on the wet palette so I haven't bothered to try. When it comes to washes I can't imagine putting any ink on the wet palette. It does seem like a useful tool so far. I can't wait to try it out batch painting.



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